→ The Waters experiments

Transcript- This is case study the waters experiments- where we attempted to learn a little bit more about the venous system and wanted to test if you will the Vascular Venturi effect principle theory- So we were finding another means to support it- the waters experiments did that and also gave us a wonderful way to thaw a refrigerated case- so if you wanted to conduct these experiments- it’s very simple- make an incision here and here- now from those points you can locate the jugular vein or the subclavian vein- depending on the case and may make more sense to do one versus the other- will leave that up to you-what we know about the venous system is that there are some valves in the legs- so that's why the decision to make the incisions accordingly apply- you’ll want to insert a drain tube probably the ones we offer into the femoral vein at the site and another drain tube into the jugular vein for example- you want to attach a water supply here- so that could be from your tap warm water is best and as you send the fluid into the venous system in the body- you’ll find that you get distention very quickly and you'll dilate the venous system- in doing the intention is to flow water rapidly in and out- to create a strong enough vacuum- to pull any pooled blood out- we repeated this experiment several different times under various conditions- one we just left alone- another one we pumped the heart under this condition of flowing fluid out of the body used elevation- we were able to remove discolorations from the body- got to the point where we were flushing just straight clearwater- then one where we continue that and then injected the body- we found that the results were the strongest of the one where we also injected the body- we theorize that the flowing water created a strong enough vacuum to help assist in the distribution of fluid through the body- all cases seem to embalm better than if attempted as alone and all three cases were received from nursing home facilities and left for a window of approximately 12 hours for time of death- these are the water experiments- you can a remove pooled blood this way- when you remove pooled blood you remove paths of great resistance that otherwise fluid would not want to travel- reducing the general pressure demand- this is an excellent opportunity to use the venous system as radiator to thaw the body- if you have a refrigerated case you can get this done very easily- even assist a bit more with some towels and warm water that is the principle behind it- if you reverse the direction you are sending fluid in against the valves so it doesn't work so well that way, but it can be done- like share subscribe I hope you found this video helpful- use promo code ‘freeship’ at checkout.


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