Embalming Mouth Closure Techniques Dental and lingual

This is the mouth closure not taught in school step-by-step guide- welcome to your mortuary magic store- some things you need- aneurysm hook spring forceps ligature suture needle Half Moon is what we find works best especially working in mouth without causing a trauma or damage to the lips- you want to cut some ligature- then the next step is is pretty pretty straightforward- you want to saw the ligature between the teeth- if you have any trouble- you can drive a needle between the two teeth or something- until the space is created- you guide the thread through the other side in the same way- if you don't like using the aneurysm hook for this- you can always use a forcep instead- then what you going to do- is continue to slide it forward and back so it's nice and deep at the root of the tooth- then at that point you will pass the thread through the loop and you'll create what's called a Larks knot- you pull it tight and you'll finish the closure by passing the thread through the septum- if that's your desired means or if you need it a little bit tighter if you tied off in the mouth- realize the threads are going to possibly interfere with your lip closure- next is the lingual Stitch- you want to pass underneath the tongue there- we do cases on unembalmed persons as well- so we generally suggest this x pattern to reinforce the underside of the tongue- but the most certain way to do that- is you can use a little bit of cavity fluid injected hypodermically underneath the tongue- it'll strengthen the tissue underneath the tongue and prevent this from ripping out- certainly give it a little bit of time to set in- once you do that you're about set- you can either pass through the the the top part of the septum and tie off in the nose or you can tie off in the mouth- I know this is a preferred method for a lot of embalmers because if you ever need to get back in or make an adjustment it's readily accessible without disrupting the inside of the mouth- but inside the mouth is certainly a tighter means to close the mouth- it just pulls better- if you have any questions or if we can be helpful feel free to leave to reach out like share subscribe thank you


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