Wednesday, December 26, 2018

→ Embalming Tissue Gas- Training Video

Embalming tissue gas training
Embalming Tissue Gas -Training Video from Your Mortuary Magic Store on Vimeo.

Twas the night after Christmas,
and all through the night,
there was bacteria growing causing great fright,
they call it tissue gas and for good reason,
we share our training for tis' the season,

"Embalm the Nightmare like a Dream"

Monday, December 24, 2018

→ Merry Christmas- Frankie Baby!

Merry Christmas!
embalming machine

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Sunday, December 23, 2018

→ Product Advertisement- Chemical Applicators

Chemical Applicator from Your Mortuary Magic Store on Vimeo.

Chemical Applicators-

Micro Friction catalysts create heat increasing the reaction rates because of the disproportionately large increase in the number of high energy collisions. These collisions produce superior results-

Greater efficiency-

Less chemical vapors-

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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

→ Embalming Solution - Recipe

Is there really much a difference between a first generation embalmer or a fourth generation embalmer? We're going to consider it, or we have quite a bit before writing this so read on. Remember this post is written by an embalmer not a chef, so pardon the poor culinary analogy.

What are the ingredients to a successful embalming? To start, a warm body will make flowing fluid nice and simple. A nice oil or silicon based arterial solution will aid distribution of preservative. Last, a tried and tested procedure of injection and drainage- Carotid Artery & Jugular Vein. So if this was cooking, our recipe is three parts. The corpulence of the body, the chemicals in the tank and the method of the procedure. Obviously the reality of all we do as embalmers is much more dynamic than this. What about the individual who is performing the operation? So we have the recipe and we are counting on the chef to make our dish. Yet if any of these components goes awry, our dish is spoiled.

There are more than a few great embalmers who honor their ancestors in having chosen the same career path as other family members. Equally, there are just as many great embalmers who do not have family in the profession. There is much to be said for an embalming recipe which is handed down- it worked before and will continue to. Realize we are not just talking about training, this is likely the same for both individuals. We are talking about learning life from an embalmer, starting since we are young. Surely the embalmers way of thinking and reasoning would influence one developmentally. What about those that have been handed a different life recipe, from a parent or another family member with a different career path? Is it not reasonable to comprehend their recipe might contribute to success in the embalming room or the embalming profession? Both individuals may use their life experience as a source of empowerment to do better. If you have not already done so, realize what has been entrusted to you and move forward knowing what you bring to the table. Remember, the resources available today make it incredibly easy for anyone to develop skills and techniques almost overnight- provided they are willing to put in the work.

Now lets have some fun with our previous example. Our ingredients have changed, we have a refrigerated case which fluid will not flow easily into or out of. For the sake of our example, let's say we have learned if our chemicals and procedure remain constant the results will be poor. We might have a generational embalmer suggest an old recipe for this case, a method they mastered, pre-injection against a closed vein. Maybe the first generation embalmer suggests getting the injection off starting from the aorta, using a Director Cannula. Or vice versa. Neither embalmer would be wrong in their approach to solving the identified problem and both embalmers by their reasoning show they care enough to do better.

I share this recipe for our next generation of embalmers, communication and collaboration among one another will better our industry. Don't turn anyone away who is willing to work hard or learn. We are all on the same team and each of us bring a specific flavor to the dish. Too much of the same stuff, no good. Too much stuff and not enough substance, no good. Find a way to establish growth among embalmers in your prep room. This way no matter what groceries you pick up at the store, you can still serve a five star meal.

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

→ How the Embalming Machine Broke

Maybe your wondering how your machine broke-
Maybe you just wanted to learn more about your equipment-
Maybe your just curious about what we had to say-

Enjoy the show!

→ Press Release of the Frank - Embalm Machine

The Frank - Embalm Embalming Machine
A sincere thank you to Nomis Publications, Inc.
Website includes
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Test Simulator-
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Sunday, December 16, 2018

→ Product Advertisement- Postmaster Line

Postmaster Line from Your Mortuary Magic Store on Vimeo.

So you think you're a POSTMASTER?
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The Postmaster's Squid -
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The Postmaster's Tee-Bone -
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Friday, December 14, 2018

→ Product Advertisement- Hulk Aspirator

Aspiration Adapter
Really sucks-
Tough to clog-
Simple design-

The advantage of removing the backflow base from your aspirator is with this vacuum boost tubing all openings from trocar to exit increase in size.  This aids the embalming from ever having to take the time to reverse the flow and fix a clog. If used with reversibke flow all openings are still larger in size, if ever any issues arise maintenenance is simple. Two philips head screws, remove base, remove any buildup and debris.

Vacuum boost tubing is specific to whether you have your backflow base (reversible flow option) attached or not.

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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

→ Advanced Methodology- Embalming

Old is the song about embalming chemicals- the one about choosing and selecting the right chemicals for the case at hand. Please, don't misunderstand, I'm not suggesting this isn't important or that you shouldn't know chemicals. I am quite simply saying, it might just be time to change the record, at least for a bit ( Yes, record the thing people used to listen to before tapes or CD's ).

The Frederick & Strub embalming book maybe says this best.  Because mine isn't available at the moment, you will just have to take my paraphrasing for what it is. < begin poor paraphrasing > When the embalmer makes an adjustment according to the case, results will improve < end poor paraphrasing >. How many times recently have you made an adjustment based upon your case analysis? Of adjustments, did we re-think methodically or only chemically?

Considerations made of injection and drainage site per case, has often proven to be a great advantage in eliminating post mortem staining or achieving distribution to apparent problem areas. Less experienced embalmers may have a tendency to stick to what they know. I do not support or encourage this approach, especially "under development" as new embalmers often are. Alike, too often experienced embalmers approach similarly, as it's not broke let's not break it. I do not support or encourage this either, in fact learned embalmers should continue learning. Further, they should have worked hard enough to have established the foundation necessary to feel comfortable trying new things ( Remember, don't use a nail if the project calls for a screw- you just might have to go back and do it again! ). My advice to every embalmer, expect the expected. If you don't use your sense, you might pay for it in dollars later- in our case, doing a six pointer or worse, disappointing a family.

What new techniques or instruments have you come accross recently? Have they served you well in you efforts? For example, the bra-strap incision, at first this might be a real challenge for an embalmer.  If you were going to attempt it for the first time, I'd say to think autopsy case or even practice dissection on an autopsy case first. You might start by locating and raising the subclavian vessels and later realize you can also reach your carotid artery and jugular vein. As an evolved embalmer, going forward you may choose to make all your incisions this way. Where others will need more incisions in distribution failures, you won't. After subclavian successes you might begin to feel the emphasis of restricted cervical injection is exaggerated.

New instruments call new skill. Proficiency is achieved in practice. In practice knowledge is formed. Mastery requires all of oneself- it is achieved by developing all of ones skills, techniques, proficiencies and knowledge in practice to their fullest potential.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

→Chemical Diffusion and Embalming

Chemical Diffusion and Embalming from Your Mortuary Magic Store on Vimeo.

This video is called Chemical Diffusion and Embalming
We are covering the basic rules of diffusion- a quick and easy video for understanding chemical diffusion and how it relates to embalming!
3 Minutes 39 Seconds-

Friday, December 7, 2018

→ Chemical Supplier Converter

Chemical converter image

Web App

So maybe your working in a new prep room-
and your usual chemicals aren't around.

Maybe your tired of getting the wrong stuff-
and it's time to try someone new!

Or perhaps your talking with a friend-
and your just not speaking the same language.

* To add a supplier to our app- comp it to the rest and send it our way*

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

→ Index- Chemical Science & Embalming

I'd prefer to start off mentioning one of my favorite books as a kid, Frog & Toad by Arnold Lobel.  Maybe you're already wondering what my mention has to do with embalming? Let's say I am trying to make up for the horrible things we are about to do a frog-in theory.

Imagine a bucket and fill it with 112 ounces of water.  Next, we shall add our favorite 30 Index arterial fluid (suppliers I will name your chemical here, just write me a check-first come first serve!)If we place these figures into our Original EmbalmCalc App the total solution index is 3.750%.

Now sadly for Mr. Frog(representing tissue of the body), when we place him in the bucket-he dies(call a trustworthy firm). Over time, our solution will begin to diffuse and evenly distribute throughout his body. If we express Mr. Frog as 16oz we can calculate that over time the new total solution index will become 3.333%. As for Mr. Frog he has been preserved to the efficacy of a 3.333% chemical with pressure applied by force of surrounding liquid and gravity.

To continue our experiment, lets fill another bucket with 128 ounces of water. Remove Mr. Frog from his dire situation and place him in our new bucket. He will not come back to life. Yet over time, preservative which has made its way into his tissue will leave. The index will again evenly distribute and diffuse from Mr. Frog into the fresh water diluting our index to 0.370%.

Now for our practical application of these concepts.  An Embalmer injects 3 gallons into a deceased person using 2 bottles of arterial at 30 index. He/she has distributed to every vessel in the body. If our embalmer mixes a new solution of 2 gallons using 1 bottle of arterial at 30 index, will the embalmer achieve greater preservation?

*First to post answer can redeem a magic store promo code*

**R.I.P. Mr. Frog**

→ Embalming and Pressure Video

Embalming and Pressure from Your Mortuary Magic Store on Vimeo.

This video is called Pressure and Embalming
We are covering: Pressure measured in the embalming machine- Pressure measured within the vascular system-and more!