→ Physics as applied to embalming 7

Embalming physics module 7

What's up everybody- hopefully you've been following along with our videos- learning a bit more about the physics of embalming- we're going to build upon pressure filtration now on the broader scale- what we're talking about now is filtration resistance- so from a single point of entry into the vascular system- the vascular system will fill with embalming fluid and hopefully if we're doing a good job- we can measure the resistance from the injection site- now having learned about pressure filtration- what we know is that pressure filtration is happening all along the distribution of fluid- the unique detail is that filtration is most likely happening at a disproportionate value throughout the embalming process- so as we are filtrating at this point- the amount pressure could be quite different from filtrating at this point- so when we remove resistance we can have a more uniform distribution of force- what are some factors that manipulate the resistance or impedance as we embalm- pooled blood inside the venous system would do that- what's another factor? clot in the arterial system- minimizing the amount of fluid traveling and the force applied to the lower extremities in that circumstance- pressure filtration is not necessarily uniform throughout the entire body- I hope you found this video helpful- please like share subscribe and use coupon code ‘freeship’


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