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Two apps to make your life easier!

The Funeral Price Tool  Download Now! Need to provide a price quote? How about do some quick math for a telephone shopper? Does your current program require too much before you get what you need? This app allows you to make funeral service pricing calculations simply and easily. Try it for free, continue to use it for free, or upgrade to premium which has your pricing information already loaded! Enjoy! -download and right click, open with web browser- Chemical Supplier Converter  Download Now! Have you stumbled into a prep room who only has class 'B' chemicals and your used to class 'A'? Is talking to your bestie difficult because he or she uses a different brand? Do you just want to give another supplier a chance in search of the 'wonder chemical'? This app allows you to see/view the comparison chemical for several suppliers, sort by supplier, click fluid to change supplier. Enjoy! -download and right click, open with web browser- 

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