→ Embalming Report Autopsy Buckethead C2

Squid Science- https://youtu.be/OBBWa6KiNDI
Transcript- Hey what’s up?- we decided to shoot this video- its the case report for an autopsy of about 250 lb using the bucketheads C2- I'm going to demonstrate how being able to do this with great speed is not only an advantage to the embalmer- due the exposure- but also how machine operation simplified- also advantages the embalmer to do better work or more work- that said we are using the squid- so you notice all six points are being injected at the same time while offering greater relief- that is covered in our squid signs video- If you haven't watched it- there's a link in the comments- right here is the first introduction of fluid where 96 oz is put in all directions of a surfactant chemical- one 16oz surfactant in 128 total ounces including water- next the embalmer introduces the arterial solution which we've calculated using our embalm Calc app- last we are doing cavity treatment immediately after starting the injection- near full power is applied to the bucketheads C2 and the pulse switch is put on- the case is done in roughly about 3 to 5 minutes for total injection- reaching deep tissue saturation- the viscera is closed up by Stitch- the head is left to dry with some cauterant chemical overnight- then Stitched later on- hope you found this video helpful- please like share subscribe and please post questions in the comments thank you


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