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Embalming the opioid renal case. Transcript- All right- we put together some example embalming reports- this way you can have a good look at the pressing issue when we talk about fentanyl and renal failure related to embalming- how that's going to or why that's going to be so important for you to keep embalming reports- now if you'll notice our embalming reports require knowledge of total chemical concentration- compliments of the embalmcalc app- if you don't have that or know what it is you should really end this video now and go download it- our example embalming reports show operations by two qualified embalmers handling a fentanyl cases which had Fentanyl patches in actually two spots- case is one hundred fifty pound- their starting injection is 7.5% total concentration and if you haven't noticed already- their second injection after 192 oz is for 64 oz bumped to a total of 18% total concentration to get the firmness that they were looking to achieve- now what's important realize after embalming this is not a case that was totally and completely firm- this is a case where they got the results that they would looking for- I'm going to just move over to another case- here this one's an autopsy case and their initial injection is here- you might know with autopsy cases it is common practice to account for the pressure loss within the case that an embalmer might boost total concentration- again and embalmcalc helps us to do that and be mindful of how we're doing that- they began their injection at 9.4% total concentration and what you'll see is that they bump it up to after 64 ounces- they bump it up to 12.24% and then they bumped it actually again to 13.5%- still not achieving their results they do it again to get to 15% total concentration- again where they got the firmness that they were looking for- demonstrating the importance of understanding total concentration index for tackling these very difficult cases- fentanyl, opiate overdose, long term pain management and renal failure- fentanyl or opiates combined with formaldehyde and they produce ammonia- renal failure plenty of ammonia present- ammonia neutralizes formaldehyde- this is a problem- this demonstrates how difficult it can be to take on these cases even with two qualified professional embalmers and what we're attempting to demonstrate is this- would you have begun with concentrations this large? Would you have bumped it up this High to get the results? would have achieved the results you were looking to? you can only do so much with one tank and you can't fix a bad tank- so we want to shed light of some of the Innovation behind our two tank Buckethead embalming machine- which is what you'll see here being used- we have heard a lot of preaching regarding correcting the chemistry of the body and so there's an example of this being done here- also a fentanyl patch case- where water corrective and surfactant were injected against a closed vein to saturate the tissue prior to the arterial injection- you'll notice it does help to some degree but the embalmer using the bucketheads is using a 3% total concentration not getting the results that they're looking for- coloring sure, but not the results that they're looking for in terms of firmness- they simply switch a tank and hit with 7.5% solution of 32 oz- then they switch back to get the color for 32oz- they do another switch back to 7.5%- they take care of the case with ease and comfortability- with very little difficulty- now we also see the embalmer here taking on the autopsy case in a similar way- conditioned the body with the pre injection very easily- than they switched to a 5%- then they switched again for 64 oz to a 10%- again getting the results that they're looking for making it very easy to do- that are switching between tanks- a real game changer for Fentanyl and renal cases is the bucket head with two tanks- subscribe and remember downloading embalmcalc app- I don't know how or why you would attempt to take care of these cases without one- unless you're really into guess and check- but remember it is somebody's loved on so- do what you do- take care


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