→ Postmaster Embalming- Squid Science

Explanation of pressure and relief as applied to using a squid for embalming the autopsy case. Transcript- We decided to make this video as the squid science catches a lot of riffraff from people with declaration to the idea that six different places of injection- is dangerous, it's reckless, that you're almost certain to get swelling- and we're going to make case that that is incorrect- we're going to discredit that claim and support the opposite being true- the embalming machine has about about 1.5 horsepower- that's your force and displacement is 367 gallons per hour give or take- okay, so if we were to create a bar of your maximum potential- under any conditions where you modify the valves- in your pressure regulator sometimes taking about 10 turns- then ultimately reducing the volume of fluid going back to the tank- your ball valve or rate of flow valve influencing what leaves under injection- in a case where you're injecting a single point- your using a very small volume of what that Motors doing- whereas if you're handling six points at the same time- you’ll need a greater amount of that maximum potential of the motor- so you can be less careful with these adjustments to these valves- because it would take more- while you have six different points and six different places of relief for fluid to travel- before pressure would build to a point to create swelling- So we made the case- we've seen this- we know that it works- those that have understand pressure and relief a bit better- I would encourage anybody willing to try something new and daring to learn a bit more than what they already know to try this- it'll teach you certainly a lot more about relief and pressure then most other instruments out there- like share subscribe use coupon code free ship


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