→Physics as applied to embalming 4

Embalming physics module 4 Transcript- Our next installment in physics as applied to embalming is titled from Flow to no- so using our prerequisite knowledge- that which force creates flow- we are going to apply this concept- I'm going to use 5 lb of force to create a flow through this space- as we flow through this space fluid escapes- our measurement of pressure is low- credit to scientist, Daniel Bernoulli, who says speed increases pressure decreases and speed decreases pressure increases- so again, force creates flow when flow has nowhere to go- Force is applied to the space we have filled- what is that Force? well it is expressed as the force that which has created the flow- in our case 5 lbs will be expressed evenly along the chamber in accordance to Pascal's Law- I hope you find this helpful- we will be building on this concept more as we progress- like share subscribe and don't forget- if this chamber is open so we can flow- we do not express the same amount of force- good day


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