→ Embalming Report Force Manipulation with Cannula

Transcript- Hey what’s up- what we are presenting is a case report we thought would be perfect to demonstrate the inability for Pascal's Law to be enforced within the human body- when we accept Rascals law as being the actual circumstance- we can advantage ourselves to do better- in this circumstance you'll notice that the decision was made to use the left common carotid artery because the embalmer had suspect that there would be distribution issues- so they were attempting to direct their flow of fluid into the lower extremities more proportionately- that was done with a 16 in flexible cannula being inserted fully- to approximately here- pressurizing the body as they injected a total of 220 Oz- this is the total solution index here of about 2.6- when the initial 64/128 Oz were put into the body- the majority of the fluid was making its way to these regions that I'm sharing shading in green- and these regions while still receiving fluid it was apparent had less saturation- so the embalmer changed their fixed position from here- after this initial 128 Oz and began removing the cannula- fixing to a position closer to the extremities- the shift of pressure distribution was noticeable and saturation started being greater in these areas- while the areas which originally had higher amounts of saturation- were not changing as much- what we are demonstrating is that as fluid is introduced to the body there is a disproportionate amount of force applied based on where the fluid is introduced- that has to do with the corpulence of the human body- a 16-inch cannula that is flexible allows you to navigate the arterial system and manipulate the proportions related to distribution of force- hope you found this video helpful- please like share and subscribe have a great day.


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