→Physics as applied to embalming 6

Embalming physics module 6 "we know, its not 5!!!" Transcript- Welcome to physics as applied to embalming module five, filtration- we are today building on what we learned is pressure filtration- which is the positive pressure that results in the movement of fluid from the arterial system into the tissues of the body and thus to relieved via the venous system- what we are building upon- is that as fluid enters during the injection and fills the artery- it now meets a certain amount of resistance as the fluid passes- the capillaries of the arteries narrowing promote to their openings promote that the artery would hold a higher pressure and release the fluid at a faster rate to where it's going, lower pressure- so as the fluid makes this passage- this is referred to as our resistance pressure measurement- on the micro level- so this here- this may happen at a specific pressure value- that is different in another area of the body- so if our example here refers to the arm- this passage may be occurring at a different pressure value in the leg- that can be exampled if we had a clot that was held say in this portion of the artery- the distribution of force with thus not allow the passage to transfer at the same amount of pressure and those results may be less satisfactory- we're going to continue to build upon this concept on the macro level next to give us a greater understanding- we hope you are enjoying our modules please like/share/subscribe use coupon code ‘freeship’ at checkout.


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