→ Pressure Demand and Pooled Blood

Embalming theory- presented Vascular Venturi Effect Transcript- The goal of this video is to shed some light on the importance of removing pooled Blood- how it affects the pressure demand-as we talk about embalming and introducing fluid from a single injection site- by doing this we will raise the pressure within the body to distribute fluid but due to the circumstances of corpulence of the case we may have pooled blood in certain areas- whereas in other areas we don't- this presents an explanation of disparity in fluid distribution because fluid always takes the path less resistance- though popular opinion is that if we universally rise the pressure throughout the body enough- then fluid will be able to create enough back pressure to push the pooled blood out- however that is not supported very well- this is because the entire pathway of the arterial system fluid can relieves itself- so those are the pathways that fluid can take to travel otherwise- but no doubt still we find many different ways to remove pooled blood- but they all lead us to general focus- physics suggests the Venturi effect- if we use pre injections as a good example- preinjections contain surfactants which make the passage of fluid from arterial system to venous system much easier- so what this promotes is our ability to have a higher arterial pressure inside- while we are able to move the fluid from the artery into the venous system easily- we can then have a greater volume of drainage from the venous system- why is that important? what would the speed of drainage have to do with a good results? the faster we can have fluid leave the venous system- well the stronger the Venturi effect would be- the Venturi effect refers to a vacuum force that occurs as fluid moves from point A- this point in our diagram- I'll do that again in red case you can't see it- from A to B- we would have a strong vacuum at area c- a good example of this would be your hydro aspirator- another example would be a train platform- this principle of science exists in many areas of our environment- if we go back to our case here the more drainage we have- the stronger the vacuum would be on this pooled blood- once that pooled blood is removed- it is no longer presenting a path of adversity- then so the specific pressure demand in the area of circled in green here is less and so they'll be less disparity- fluid will have a easier means to travel- hope you like this video- use coupon code free ship on any of our products and like share subscribe


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