→ Embalming Machine Battle with Commentary

Pressure regulation of centrifugal pump embalming machines- Transcript- Just taking the time to shoot this video with commentary- as it appears a lot of people seem to think that this is a video just bashing to duotronic- and it's certainly not- love that machine- so as we start rolling the machines- what we have set up is we have the duotronics pressure regulator set to be the highest setting possible- so the pressure regulator is a valve- we have it closed or apparently closed- we also have the rate of flow valve another valve controlling the output injection completely open- and what you'll see here once we get underway- we inject the two machines into one another- what we are actually witnessing is the frankembalm overcoming that obstruction- with the pressure regulator valve totally closed (duotronic)- frankembalm is pumping into the machine causing it to back fill- and you might be asking yourself so what who cares- why? well the reason this should really help you as an embalmer is because it makes you better understand your duotronic- if that's what you're using- this can happen as you embalm the body if you're not meeting the pressure demand- despite what people believe pressure does swell the human body- frankembalm measures that- the measurement on your machine is in no way a true representation of force- because as you can see is being relieved- although that reading on the machine apparently says maybe 15 or 20 on the duotronic right now- we see it unwavering as it back fills- so there's no true Force there- going to try to keep the video short this year- but we hope this shed’s some light on the limitations of your embalming machines- will keep the sales pitches short as well- buy a Buckethead buy a frankembalm buy anything from our store- but have a good day and I hope this shed’s some light on what you're witnessing- pressure regulation being inherently flawed by way of centrifugal pump designs- force flow manipulation by way of offering relief back to the tank


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