→ Embalming the refrigerated case

Embalming theory- presented problems related to the refrigerated case, chemical, physical and technological. Transcript- Using standardized equipment doing pressure and flow regulation by relief back to the tank which is you standard to duotronic portiboy and Dodge machine under conditions where we're called to embalm a refrigerated case- here is a diagram of what we're doing- here is what the Plumbing design is- we've marked in red here to indicate the valve that sends fluid back to the tank or pressure regulator- we've marked blue to indicate our other valve, the rate of flow valve controls fluid that leaves the machine and sends into the body- and we've done a green tube for a cannula which is also restriction but sends actually fluid into the artery under these conditions- in spite of whatever our pressure gauge reads if we mark our pressure gauge which despite whatever it is is an unreliable measurement- because ultimately we have beliefs of Pascal's Law however, it does not apply with relief- what comes into play is the fluid leaves the tank and enters the body in this regulated state- and it begins to stay in a zone and distribute fluid and as it does is this recycling goes on back to the tank- we begin to thaw the body- so logically where fluid is first introduced it begins to thaw faster- initially the pressure demand in a refrigerated state has a pressure demand as high as it begins to thaw the pressure demand goes down- so what we find is that based on our injection site- the nearest area retains the highest volume of fluid- hence some of the trouble we run into as the body thaws- so I hope you find this helpful- when we eliminate the ability of pressure regulation by relief back to the tank we see better results almost immediately in all of these refrigerated cases- you can find that in our Frankembalm, our pressure pump injector and our Buckethead embalming machine- all right have a good day and remember to embalm calc especially for these refrigerated cases- you want to keep track of what concentration you actually need to use- when the energy is really low with a refrigerated body there is less energy in the environment and therefore less results- a concentration boost is in order- talk to you later


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