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Hello, my name is J. M. Bernaudo, lead design engineer for your mortuary magic store and given the nature of the Covid-19 outbreak- thought it would be appropriate to show you how to create a low-grade face shield out of available things at your funeral home- such as a dry cleaning hanger and a laminate sheet- the laminate sheet is made of polypropylene- so it's very safe- from here you can twist the hanger free- quite simply weave the hanger through the laminate sheet- repurposing has been going on in several countries for several years and in situations of emergency it's sometimes necessary- as our supply of the proper items become depleted- so while face shields are no longer available and funeral homes wish to have face Shields- the reality is some may be called to do what’s required without the proper PPE face shield- this can totally be easily fixed upon somebody's head and afterwards disposed of- for those that are called to do the job and in excess because others cannot, if this is sufficient as far as safety and your well-being- I would encourage you to proceed with something of this nature- may everybody be safe- if you do have a need for something more rigid you can use a folder instead- also something that is readily available of polypropylene- you just punch the hanger through-


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