Physics as applied to embalming 8

Hello and thank you for watching- this is our next Installment, physics as applied to embalming- today we are talking about distribution- distribution refers to fluid travel- if it makes it this far versus if it makes it this far, is what we call distribution- not to be confused with diffusion into the tissues- injection output force will have a direct responsibility for how far or how not far fluid will or will not travel- further as we manipulate or change the force of injection, we also make adjustment to the proportional distribution of force throughout the body-that distribution will be totally related to the the conditions of the body- I hope that you found this video helpful and informative- please like share subscribe and if you'd like to try some of our products please use coupon code “freeship’ at checkout- remember pressure filtration is a crucial detail in fully understanding how force will be proportioned and distributed through the body- thank you


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