Physics as applied to embalming 10

Passage Resistance-

I hope you're managing to be safe given the Covid-19 pandemic we are all facing- we're going to proceed with physics applied to embalming- our next installment is passage resistance- so what we had talked about previously is that as fluid fills the arterial system and positive pressure is created- the result is passage of fluid into the venous system- now what is most significant about this passage- or a very significant detail for that matter- is all along the arterial system pathways- we can and usually do have varying degrees of resistance- what we know about fluid is- fluid always takes the path of least resistance- so fluid will always make the pass into the venous system at the lesser resistance areas more readily- so that is a debunk if you will to the idea or concept in which Pascal's law allows us to pressurize the entire arterial system evenly- that belief is and has been proven false- it is not supported in science- that said when this passage does happen in the venous system- while fluid can escape there are things that next happen- when it can’t escape there are things that happen with that- our next module is going to cover how we can begin to apply what you know about pressure and flow to the venous system and advantage us as embalmers- please continue to be safe during this difficult time and please if you have any questions feel free to reach out- thank you


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