Embalming using Siphonbalm 160 second injection

Good morning we thought we would highlight an embalming report where the embalmer used a siphonbalm drain tube- as it seems to be something many embalmers are interested in learning more about- so as you can see the case has started with a dental tie mouth closure- eye cap and kalip for the feature setting- incision is made at the right common carotid artery and right jugular vein site- vessels are raised- the deceased is about 140 lb and a 3% solution is used to inject the body- how do we know that all we use this excellent app, embalm calc- if you don't have it- if you want to keep good data- this is how you do it and because we use that- after the body has been embalmed using the drain tube- we can with credibility say the firmness achieved was far greater than usual for 3% concentrations vs. when vacuum drainage is not used- what is a point of contention for many embalmers, is this the total time to inject was 160 seconds- there you have it- the embalmer injects about 300 Oz while vacating the venous system with vacuum drainage a little bit more each time- until their injection is near at full blast and this takes the embalmer only a hundred sixty seconds to move the fluid through the body and greater firmness is achieved- how does it do that? Our conclusion is what's known as whip which is the desaturation or the removal of water from the tissue- while using the siphonbalm valve you can saturate and desaturate the tissue of the body at will- hope you found this video interesting and enlightening- please like share subscribe and don't forget to use coupon code free shipping at checkout 


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