Physics as applied to embalming 9



Hello and welcome to physics as applied to embalming-in this installment we are going to complete our focus and attention from being on the arterial system- then begin to focus on the venous system- so last week we covered distribution- so fluid flows from the embalming machine into the arterial system and with positive pressure fills the space of all the arteries- from that point fluid moves through the venturi’s in the capillaries- the pressure is highest in the arteries the venturi’s inside the arteries are narrow and spaces- which promote higher pressure in the arteries and passage of fluid out at lower pressure- fluid filtrates into the tissue and begins to also fill the space of the venous system- we're next going to be covering how pressure and flow apply- how this knowledge of how they apply can advantage the embalmer under circumstances of complications- of trouble- of adversity during the embalming process- I hope you're enjoying our videos- please like share subscribe and we're going to proceed to suggest if you place an order at our store- please use coupon free ship at checkout- have a great day 


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