Advanced Feature Building Embalming Technique

Hidden entry hypodermic entry points-
Feature building with humectant for emaciated cases-
Embalmer Tissue Builder method how to video-
Taking the time to shoot this video to go over feature building techniques with primarily focused on this orbit area- how to get it to look natural- so that said- generally areas that have hair make for great entry points because they appear to look like a hair follicle- so I'm just kind of shading our skull here with spots that are fair game for good hidden entry points- nostrils eyebrows hairline sideburns underneath the jaw is a pretty good- next frame is the side profile- coling that in all fair game- here where the eyebrow is- nostril- underside of the chin all make really great entry points for feature building- so what is an important enough detail that we like to note- is you as the embalmer have the choice of what you choose to inject into the body to fill the tissue- now traditionally embalmers may have often only selected feature builder- which can sit there under the muscle to raise the muscle or you can use it above the muscle to create shapes that bring out the features of the deceased- this video we are not going to get too much into that- as those that have employed that method alone- usually have a tendency or learn quickly that firming the tissue a great deal requires more effort and skill with the feature builder- we're going to minimize the effort and minimize the skill- we are going to support that there is a greater means to preserve without compromising the preservation of the case- so if we firm the tissue very good and I'm shading in green very firm tissue- I'm trying to move in the direction that shows how these muscles come together- okay- then we use our entry points to inject instead of feature Builder a humectant- we can fill out- those areas that are sunken- when we say fill out what's happening is we're releasing the humectant into the muscle that has lost its moisture- so adding the humectant chemical back after the preservative qualities- can naturally fill that muscle- as that muscle will draw in the humectant creating a natural appearance- then after if it's still not satisfactory- you can certainly still go in with the feature builder- in doing this you also will learn that you can soften the tissue if it's become too firm for your desired result- entry points of the eyebrow and here of the the cheek- even through the nostril will make as a good means to fill around the eye- to elaborate a little bit more circling back to traditional feature builder- what we know makes the process a little bit easier is is less rigidity less firmness- it's it's incredible to realize that in compromising tissue preservation for some tissue flexibility- you are also increasing the rate of decomposition- as you're leaving more water inside- we are not discrediting traditional feature builder- we are just suggesting that if after adding humectant the result isn't achieved- that we proceed and in that fashion with feature builder that does contain some preservative qualities- hope you found this video helpful- like/share/subscribe


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