→Physics as applied to embalming 3

Physics Applied to Embalming- Module 3


Okay so this is physics as applied to embalming module 3- Flow, just covering what we did in our intro- which is force creates flow- we have to Define what is Flow- well flow is displacement and the displacement formula is volume over time- that is displacement- so you might understand if I were to say- ounces per minute- minute is the time and ounces is the volume and that is what we refer to as rate of flow- it is not a valve on any embalming machine and that mentality does set up the embalmer for poor understanding of physics- it is important to remember our prerequisite knowledge- force creates flow- a large amount of force does imply that we could have a high rate of flow but they are not mutually exclusive- High force does not mean High rate of flow because it is manipulatable- to a *point but you must have some starting point to create such flow- I've also put a few more complicated physics things here for you to review- that's vessel void fraction formula- you can calculate pressure and I'm also the speed of displacement of a vessel- here's another Nifty one where pipe diameter, velocity and flow rate can be calculated based on accurate data- something we should be very fond of as  emalmers is data- and that pretty much covers it- acceleration would be a bit counterintuitive and a little Advanced for our purposes but acceleration would be if I said we were in embalming at an accelerated rate of 2 oz per minute per second- and boy that would be fast so think about this stuff- like share subscribe time use coupon code free ship if if you're going to purchase something from a store thanks for watching 


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