→ Physics as applied to embalming 2

Physics Applied to Embalming- Module 2

Last week we covered the basics of physics- Force creates flow and inherently we discover hey we can't really say that unless we know what force is- this module, module two to will cover force so what is force- we put the big man Yoda there and also embalmcalc over here that's a force as well- but for our purposes related to embalming physics- Force, we're talking about energy, okay- when we get more specific how is that energy harnessed well then we get from our energy, we get power okay- now from power how do we measure power well for our purposes keeping it simple, pressure gauges- that's how we measure our power for our purposes related to embalming and that's where we use terms like PSI- pounds per square inch so Force squared is how we're measuring our Force- pounds per square inch, if you want to get complicated and really understand your embalming machine- the horsepower of the motor which drives creates the flow is the force- may be a significant to you but keeping it simple keeping it physics force is our power- measure this with PSI pounds per square inch like share subscribe tell others about this and we'll keep it going thanks!


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