Buckethead Embalming Machine


After one year of having developed the very first Syringe Style Embalming machine with the capability to quantify pressure filtration, a formerly unknown variable in the embalming process, your mortuary magic store is proud to announce the Buckethead Embalming Machine. The machine was developed utilizing the knowledge and technology contained of studying the various items available of your magic store including the frankembalm machine. The sister model however is using the framework of the most common embalming machines, centrifugal pump designs. This new design has been created with patented pressure pulse and true pressure technologies which have never existed within the industry before the machines inception. Further the machine is being offered in two variations C1 and C2 distinguishing how many tanks the machine has. The operator may easily flip a switch to toggle between a 4.5 Gallon bucket or a 1 Gallon bucket. This feature incredibly advantages the embalmer to receive the benefit of preinjection surfactants being introduced prior to preservative chemicals to obtain the most value for their time. True pressure technology means while a valve is closed on the machine the measurement of pressure is accurate for what fluid is being displaced. Pressure pulse technology encourages the vascular venturi effect, a venturi is a physics term introduced by scientist Daniel Bernouli, which decreases the pressure demand per case and supports single point injection or positive fluid distribution within the human body. The injection output pressure and flow is controlled by way of valve and pump speed controller enabling the embalmer to easily achieve the results they desire. A vented snap on top allows chemical fumes to be contained in the machine and a plastic basin resists troublesome stains from dyes. Clear fluid level markings and a removable filter clearly demonstrates this design was a creation from an embalmer with boots on the ground. J. M. Bernaudo has created several innovations which have benefitted embalming around the world and this is just one more innovation to serve us all to do better.
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